Things and Stuff Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Trying to figure out what to do with one’s blog is not exactly the simplest challenge.

Challenge Considered

Obviously I’m continuously trying to make it clear to the world that I am an author. However, it is likely to become a trite subject if I often repeat the same song, don’t you think? This has left me pondering on what to do with my blog.

What's Left to Ponder

Er… And thus I think I’ve come up with some suitable ideas

So my blog will be broken up into three parts. One part will be something called Unlocking Yesterday.

This part of the blog will be dedicated to writings focused on things concerning my past/present. This might include things such as:

  • A Look Into Why/What/How I Write
  • Author Influences
  • Thoughts On Things I Like or Did Like
  • Philosophical Musings
  • Other Random Things
  • Random, Random, Random

So that would be like…most things. That’s what will go there… Most…things…

Another part of my (This is ze part of ze blog where you start reading everything in a Random Russian Accent) vunderful blog will be like ze lazer of future time. It’ll be called Locking Up Tomorrow. It will include things like:

  • Books/Movies/Things I’m Looking Forward To
  • Updates About My Upcoming Books
  • Random Predictions about Books and Things like: Will Harry Potter ever leave Ginny for Hermione? I don’t know, but I’m predicting he won’t. (I’ll try to be as accurate as the weatherman…)
  • Upcoming Events (A Trip to Japan [I wish], An Interview with Poseidon [Traveling by sailboat is ill advised], Castles I’m Going to Own Someday [Watch Out Camelot])
  • Notes to Future Sam (Keep Away From Alligators… I feel like this one is a given)

And the last part of my blog will be an incredible piece of work. A collaboration of Vega minds to create The Land Before Geeks! In this segment of the blog, my brother Paul and I will be writing and drawing little comics that will be a spoof of nature shows. Sort of like Kratts’ Creatures (Where my 90s kids at?) meets the vast world of Geeky things such as Pokemon and Lord of the Rings. It should be a bunch of fun.


Hmm Yes Quite

I swear everyone. I’m only half this amount of dork in real life. Well maybe a little more than half… 


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