Note To Future Everyone – Single on Valentine’s Day Edition

Tomorrow is that day. You know the one. How annoying is it to see those around you having someone to share this special day? Valentine’s Day. How dare they flaunt their love? The injustice! Everyone has someone…except you, right? Well, I don’t really care about that. I’m just here to try and shine a bit of reality sunshine on your bitterness, anger, sadness, jealousy, annoyance. Pick your poison.

Now, before I get started. This is an incredibly simplistic way to look at things. I know life isn’t always this simple. There are plenty of other factors, but I think most people tend to find some happiness in the simple things. All this might seem a bit silly, but who knows. Maybe it’ll be worth it to a few of you out there. And if you ever are curious about how my mind works, this is kind of some insight. Imagine, if you will, that I’m talking at John Green speed. Well then, here goes nothing.

There are over 7 billion people on good ole planet earth. We are nearing 7.2 billion quickly (go to this website to see the population clock. It’s sort of bananas when you think about it. That’s right, I said bananas… Well for the purpose of this post, let’s round it down to a nice cool 7 billion. That’s a 7 with nine zeros behind it. (Like so: 7,000,000,000)

Take that 7 billion and split it into 3.5 billion. This split is to divide the world into men and women. 3.5 billion men. 3.5 billion women. I think there’s supposed to be more women in the world now, but for the purpose of this, let’s keep it nice and even.

Now let’s say that only 1 billion of these wo/men are within your general age range of dating. Then split it further since 500 million are already taken.

Another 250 million have no interest in you. Maybe they have a different sexual orientation than you. Maybe they don’t like your face. Maybe they just don’t like you. Nothing is wrong with any of this. That’s just life. Different people, different taste. Simple as that. Don’t let it hold you up too much.

Still 250 million left right?

Well another 200 million get taken away, because let’s face it you can’t meet every one. They’re spread out all over the world.

Another 25 million just left you for someone else. They’re taken now also.

Hmm… 25 million left now.

24 million aren’t really sure what the hell they want, so you should just leave them alone.

Oooo…. 1 million now… things aren’t looking so hot.

You lose another 500,000 because you don’t like them.

You lose another 250,000 because you’re growing up. You finally know what you’re looking for. Someone who shares your interest. Someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who makes you happy.

Another 150,000 just did the same thing. Sorry you didn’t make the cut.

Where’s that leave us now? Hmm. 100,000 people.

90,000 simply never show up. I mean come on what are the chances you get to meet them all.

10,000 left. Hopefully, you’re not listening to any sad music right now. That would be disheartening…

9,000 of them pass you by. You never take the chance. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve…

1,000 now. Gee golly. The mad man writing this won’t deduct more, will he? Actually I won’t.

There are 7 billion people in this world. I’m saying that there are maybe 1,000 of them out there who would be a good match for you. I think it’s likely that there are probably more than that, but let’s keep it at 1,000.

If that seems like a small number, I think you’re looking at it the wrong way. This is 1,000 people spread out all around the world. Think. You’ve maybe met a few of them. Maybe.

Think about where you’ve been. Lots of people barely make it out of their country in their lifetime. And if they do it’s so short-lived that it hardly matters.

Think about where you’re going. The person you’re looking for might not be next to you exactly at this moment. That doesn’t mean they never will be. That doesn’t mean you should give up. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep moving forward.

Think about you. You hear it all the time. Work on you, yada yada, yada. It’s a cliché song, but it’s true. People tend to picture themselves next to someone who will make them happy, but you should already be happy. Life is so incredibly brilliant; you should barely be able to contain your happiness. And hopefully when the time is right, somebody will want to share that same kind of happiness with you.

Now take a moment. Picture that the whole 1,000 in front of you. Too many for you to picture?

Okay cut it down to 500. Maybe you’re on a beach. 500 people are crushing the sand as they strain their necks to get a better look at you. The sun is barely over the horizon. Stars are starting to glitter the night sky. Each of the 500 wants to run into your arms. They’re beautiful, they’re handsome, their smiles make you want to melt or take your clothes off (either is fine). 500 incredible people who want to name shooting stars after you.

But here it is… the reality of it all…

You only need 1.



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