So erm…

Right. SO. I’ve not been to great about doing blog post in the last couple of weeks. Kind of like I’ve been having a bit of a vacation from my mind. Well for the most part. Never really stops does it?

Anyways. I’ve been scratching up notes on Book 2 and I’ll be getting to the actual writing of that soon. Should be soon. I must admit that I’ve been a wee bit addicted to Netflix as of late. Specifically, Doctor Who. Just something else to add to my geekiness. Seriously though. DOCTOR WHO. I’ friggin love that show now. Should of watched it ages ago.

Then before Doctor Who there was the animated version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Never really was that into Star Wars and even though the show is largely aimed at a younger audience, I still really liked it. So yeah. I suppose I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan now also.

So March has been the month of finding new geeky things to be a fan of. That’s not bad.

Not bad at all.



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