To Do List

My To Do List:

1. Blog more. Blog lots more. I always tell myself, “Hey, I’ll do another post about this or that!” Then I just lose time. I need more time.

2. Blog some more after that. Seriously. I’ve been a failure and I must not continue to be a failure. Must….blog….more….

3. Read more. My reading has taken a hit. I’ve been busy with a lot of randomness, but still I should be reading every second I can. It’s not too hard, since I love to do it.

4. Read some more after that. Honestly. I don’t know how people read so much, but I envy those people. To be able to read at that level. I must learn their ways.


So yeah. I know it’s not much of a to do list, but ya knowz….whatevz and what not. I’ve been doing a decent amount of writing. Really need to do more, but life has been chaotic. Between my sister’s wedding and other things, just yeah. BOOM life!

I’ll have more of a substantial blog post soon. Promise. Cross me hearts and hopes to bring you a more adequate reading experience. 😀




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