Kyle Demore and the Timekeeper’s Key now $1.99!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Do you have an extra Two Dollars and have no idea how to spend it?

Are you secretly hoping for the universe to send you some sort of sign on how to spend said Two Dollars? (Maybe Saturn is look particularly bright this evening, ey?)

Perhaps those Two Dollars are weighing down your wallet/purse/pocket?

Sigh. My book selling abilities are most likely much worse than a ShamWow commercial, but I tried. I tried… This deal will make you say WOW!!! ShamWow!!!! Haha, I’m sorry. I’m done. I promise…

Well…erm…in case you haven’t figured out by the title of this post… eBook version of Kyle Demore and the Timekeeper’s Key is now $1.99. You can actually keep that extra penny from the two dollars we were talking about earlier. This deal will probably go on for a while. Maybe forever? Probably not forever. Get it while its hot.

‘But when you have the book its always hot!’  OHHHHHH!!! BAM!! Swish.. Score. Cheesy. .  .     .

I promised I’d stop.



Available at Amazon. Click on the Book Cover to take you straight there.



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