Month: October 2014

Review for Wool


A review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wool by Hugh Howey 3 out of 5 Stars


Hmm… So Wool. This book. This bloody book…. sigh.

Hugh Howey is a indie-author phenomenon. And that is surprising to me.. Not to say he is bad. He’s not. He’s just middle of the road. Mediocre in all ways except for his success which is by all means amazing. But what do I know… I am just a human with his humble little opinion.

Wool definitely had its moments, but other parts of it were just a drag, making the story just fall flat. People are living in a post-apocalypse wasteland where they are only safe inside a giant silo that extends far into the earth. I mean like hundreds of feet into the earth. Like skyscrapers except down. Lots of floors. I mean LOTS. So as you can imagine there are lots of stairs that are used frequently. But that’s okay, if you get tired there are also elevators. Wait. No, there are not. There are zero elevators. Only walking is allowed. Even if you’re old and dying and dead already. That’s rough, buddy. You walk.

And that’s most of the story. Walking. It gets to feeling like every step is being described. (I exaggerate, but still!) Walking and walking. Thinking and thinking. More walking, more thinking. Then talking. Then walking…

It gets tiring… Like all that walking. I’m tired. Sigh…..

Up then down. Drink some water. MEMORY TIME. Someone’s dead. Repeat. Plot moves forward, the pawns die, the story continues! Then there is a love story thrown somewhat randomly into the mix. It should not have been…

Hugh Howey is not a bad writer. He has some characters that are okay. I just never really cared about anyone. And this was a story that seriously needed you to care about the characters… I don’t know. Maybe I’m being a bit tough on this book. I don’t mean to be. It just really didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I was expecting more and I was just let down.

But hey I guess it’s unique. I, myself have never come across a story that was quite like this one. Whether that is because my “Read” list is pitiful or because of its uniqueness might be up for debate, though.

Still some parts held my attention, keeping me interested through this easy read.


Review for The Name of the Wind

Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss  4 out of 5 stars


There’s been a lack of blogging by me, but I’ve been a bit busy lately. Started a new job… Quit an old one…. Life.

But enough of that. This is my review for The Name of the Wind 😀


For me, I believe this is more of a 3.5. It was good enough that I enjoyed it, but, in all honesty, I am surprised by the amount of love this book has received. That being said, it is good. I liked it. I finished it rather quickly. (Quick for me at least) There’s plenty to like about the massive world that was built between the pages. There’s some good characters that I liked and hope to see more of later on. There is magic, there is science, there is music, and it somehow mixes together into an interesting cocktail of awesomeness.

That all being said, there are things that weigh this book down heavily. To be honest, my 3.5 stars is a kindness because I liked it enough for me to want to read the next book. It is not how this review will come across, though. Since there are many already who sing praises for this book, (look around the reviews you’ll find ’em) I want to point out the things I deeply hated about this book. I’ll limit myself to three.

1. First and foremost. First and Foremost. First and foremost. I say it three times because honestly, I almost didn’t finish this book for this reason. So take however you think I might feel about this reason and times it by three. Only then will you accurately feel it my pain…

That reason is Denna.

Denna is the… love interest. She is beautiful. She is mysterious. She is witty. She is the complete package. The girl next door. Everyone (in the story) loves Denna. Everyone.

Not me.

She’s a bane, a huge wart, and her place in this book for more than the first five minutes was forced. Forced in the stupidest way and honestly, I would have given this book a 4.5 stars easily if Denna had been omitted from the story completely. She’s that bad. And the thing is, she didn’t have to be. She could have been awesome. Her character even brought up some good points about it being harder to be a woman in this man-controlled world, but so what. It wasn’t good enough. Denna was everywhere in terms of character and she was so forced into the story that it felt like every time she was there I was being forced to decide whether or not I should pull the plug on this book. Obviously, I didn’t. But there were times I was close. Oh so very close…

2. NOT ENOUGH AURI. She’s awesome. My favorite character. My favorite writing in the book was with Auri and yet, she is hardly involved. Only mildly. She was like a single chocolate chip in a ‘chocolate chip’ cookie. Chocolate chip cookies can’t be entirely made chocolate, but they need more than one chip to be true to their name. She needed to be in the story more. She should have been like the best friend or perhaps even the love interest. She’s so fuckin’ awesome. I can’t handle it. NEED MORE.

3. This book, this entire book, was told by our main character, Kvothe. From his bar, where he’s been hiding for… something. He is telling this story to THE guy that you tell stories to in this world. It’s kind of this guys thing. People tell him stories, he writes the stories. BAM BOOM WOW. Awesome…

Only.. nope. It’s not awesome. It’s silly. Who the hell can just tell their entire story in supremely fine detail, while tending to your bloody bar. Uh. No one. Even if you had photographic, perfect memory, I think you’d be hard pressed to tell this bloody story in such a way. Honestly, it was ridiculous and I cannot believe that telling the story in this style was ever given the green light. I mean this whole story isn’t really a whole story. It is the beginning of one. So yeah, if that gives you an idea of how detailed this book is…

Just my humble opinion, I suppose, but it should have been told differently. Same story, differently style. I’m thinking third-person. Limited to just Kvothe. Can still jump back from past to future…

I think it could have been brilliant. Well more brilliant. I still liked the book.

Anyways. That’s my three big things that I had problems with. There are a few others. Not enough magic, super-respected, old men in charge of everything acting like babies, and also…

“I’m Kvothe. Everything is super, super hard, but I learned it all in two minutes. Two whole minutes. Should have only taken me one, but I was busy playing my seven string lute while it only haz six strings and I’m extremely poor. Like super poor. Feel me?”

This problem with Kvothe, while not fatal, was annoying after the tenth or twentieth time. I get it. You’re brilliant, buddy and poor…

Good read. Not great. Not as great as it could have been in my opinion. I feel like I’m giving it a pretty kind rating when it’s all said and done, but I did like it so any less and I feel like I would be lying or being needlessly mean.