Month: January 2015

Tis a New Year

So, so, so….

A New Year.


Jeez. I haven’t had the most time to do any blogging since October. With the job keeping me busy. Holidays and what not. Family time. Friend time. Reading time!

This all leaves little blogging time. Even more upsetting, it leaves little writing time. I’m ashamed to admit that my writing life has been nearly non-existent in the past few months. But no more, I say.

Expect more blogging. Still have to get around that Harry Potter piece I’ve been meaning to do forever. Rating them and what have you. I’ve got to get around to mentioning the books I’ve read. The books I will read. The books I will write! I’ve had no shortage of ideas during my busy months, which is awesome. I’ll be happy to bring life to those ideas someday.

But those are for another time.

No matter. Life is good. 2015 should be another good year to come.