Month: March 2015

Free on Amazon

Hi peoples,

Hope you are all well. Life is going brilliantly. Nothing really new on the horizon, except for the fact that Kyle Demore and the Timekeeper’s Key is free right now on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yerp. If you like free things with words that you can download on to your kindle, computer, phone, and/or mind. Well, not your mind, not yet…

Anyways. Get’s to Amazon and download my book! Its free!!

Er’body loves free things.




Tsk tsk tsk…

Another month… barely any blogging. Sigh. I don’t know how you do it fellow humans.

Well I’ve been somewhat busy which has restrained my lunchtime blogging plans. Most recently, I left the company where I had been employed and began working for another. Wooh for changes! So it has been taking some sorts of mental adjustments, and things, excuses, and such… blah blah blah.

Naw, though. It has been cool. Better pay, less stress, more time for shenanigans.

I’m also going to be moving┬áto Texas, so that’s cool. Dallas, I shall be in you soon…

Now writing, sigh, I’ve been so slow. So very slow, it’s sickening……..

Lately, my writing is sort of like this…