A Brief Glimpse Into What I Had Planned: Afterword – Not Quite the End

And lastly the Afterword. If you’d like it all in one place, please feel free to download the PDF, which has all five chapters and the afterword.

1 – Kyle Demore and the Falling Moons First Five Chapters


Afterword – Not Quite the End


It is easy enough to see that this is not a finished novel. These first five chapters in what might have been the last and final book to a duology is being called Kyle Demore and the Falling Moons. This is, of course, a working title. I hadn’t committed to it quite yet. That matters little now, but still it is something I thought I should mention. Either way, this is mostly the beginning of what I had planned to be a bigger, meatier, second part of Kyle’s adventure. And as I’ve mentioned before, it still might end up being that way someday. Just not now.

Either way. Here’s a little overview of what might have come if I had gotten to writing it now.


After the visit from Titans, King Zephyr is introduced. Kyle is basically accused of working with the Titans and breaking the law. His arrest is called for. Luckily, Grandmaster Dante steps in to calm the king down. It works, but Kyle is called to the capital to answer to the King there. Along with the mystery woman who helped saved Master Helen. We find out that this woman is Kyle’s Mother, Melissa.

Grandmaster Dante, Proculus, and Melissa take Kyle to capital where Kyle formally meets the king. The King although first angry with Kyle, warms up to him rather quickly and finds the fact that he is from another realm interesting. By the end of it, he commands that Kyle stay at the capital and enroll in their academy. Having no choice in the matter, Kyle must immediately transfer and is now enrolled in class with no break to spend with his friends. Melissa, for past crimes, is given a lenient sentence thanks to Grandmaster Dante. However, this sentence requires her to stay at Soul Gate Academy which she is adamantly against, but with a choice between that or prison, she goes with Grandmaster Dante to stay under his watchful eye. Proculus transfers to teach at the King’s Academy, not wanting Kyle to be alone.

Life in the Academy begins and Kyle finds that this is less friendly of a school. Doubly rejected for having once been at Soul Gate Academy and the boy from the other realm, he is friendless. Time goes by and the time for the tournament is nearing. Soul Gate Academy arrives as a flying castle and the schools are effectively combined which gives Kyle back his friends, but conflict arises as the two schools butt heads. Kyle’s relationship with Garnet is something that freshens hate. More time goes by.

Halfway through the year, it’s announced that tournament will begin with the first event will happen at Dragon’s Eye Academy, a school further to the north and the last of Dusk’s three academies. Soul Gate Academy and Dusk Academy make their way there on the flying castle and huge parade/party event preludes the first event which is a race.

Kane is a contestant in the race and comes close to winning, but loses to an older SoGA tyro. Kyle suspects that Kane lost on purpose, which makes celebrating difficult for him even though the rest of his side is enjoying the victory. Later that night, a battle breaks out and hell breaks out as Titans join the fight against them.

A friend of Kyle’s dies and it’s because he chose not to kill an enemy combatant. Later, Kyle gets a chance at revenge and achieves it. It’s bittersweet because he’s captured as a result. He also witnesses Titans capturing Garnet and can do nothing to help.

And then… BOOOM! Lots of other things, but I fear to tell more should I ever come back to this adventure. And there definitely is more to this story! I just think that giving it away now would not be the best idea. Let’s just say that if it ever should come to pass that I write the rest of this adventure, I hope I do not disappoint.

I can and will say that these two books were just meant as a beginning for Kyle Demore. There is more to this universe and at the end this particular adventure, he gets put in a position where it becomes his duty to look for something. Vague, I know, but I can’t spell out everything.

Either way, if you’ve read this far, you have my eternal appreciation. I hope I can one day give you a more satisfying ending, but I hope you respect my decision to step away from this for now. Hopefully, in following the traditional publishing path I can make a name for myself and get back to it in a few years. It is possible, I suppose.




Kyle Demore and the Falling Moons – First Five Chapters

Copyrighted © 2017 by Samuel J. Vega

All rights reserved.


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