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I write about stuff!

Sam grew up in a small village called Gibsonburg.  The town is known for its doughnuts and… that’s it.  We have doughnuts.  They’re good and that’s about it.  Erm…  Anyway, he was raised by two loving parents.  He spent numerous hours chilling with his older and younger brother while having an unsafe amount of geek out moments. (We still do.)  And he kept a safe distance from his only sister, while periodically giving off defensive growls in order to protect her from the wild creatures of the world.   (Sometimes he even squashed spiders for her!)  So if you haven’t figured it out already, Sam and his family go together like a…. family.

So after life in Gibsonburg, he traveled a safe distance to the University of Toledo where he spent his time figuring out that he didn’t like college.  He did, however, figure out that he loved to write.  An even greater surprise came to him when he found out he could do such a thing for a living.  And so, he’s working at it, hoping one day to become a full fledged author.


And so he writes and edits. Mostly, it’s editing. And he reads, too. Because reading is fun. Read more, ya nerdz.

Sam Worshipping book

He also likes anime/manga and video games and books (surprising, I know) and other geeky stuff.  He may be a dork or a ninja.  One of the two, he is forgetful.  He has a puppy named Lancelot (He’s immortal and will always be a puppy).  And he is pretty sure that sushi is delicious.  Yup, it’s delicious.



One comment

  1. Mr. Vega!

    My name is Kevin Lause and I am a Reference Librarian at The Birchard Public Library in Fremont, Ohio.
    (And we have a branch right there in your doughnut-laden home town, too!)

    We are planning a Local Author Fair in late April and would like to invite you to participate, if you would like to do so.
    Each author will be given a table in the Meeting Room and the opportunity to meet patrons and sell their wares.

    Let me know if you are interested and I will send you additional details.


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