To End and Begin Anew

Hey Everyone,

Yet again, it has been too long. Things have been changing, but life is still always busy. Please read to learn about what’s to come.

I have decided, after thinking extensively, to remove Kyle Demore and the Timekeeper’s Key from Amazon. It is the only place that I have it self-published and apart from that, there’s information on it at Goodreads and a few other obscure areas of the internet. I won’t go through all the trouble of completely trying to delete its entire online presence, but I will, for better or worse, remove it where I can. This isn’t done out of a wish to eradicate something I am ashamed of or anything even close to that line of thought. In fact, if I’m completely honest, it is still one of the things I’ve done in my life that I am really quite proud of. Nevertheless, I’ve reached this decision after learning a few things about myself and the industry in which I hope to be known as a professional one day. So please read further if you’re interested in hearing out a few of my reasons:

  1. I don’t want to be a self-published author. That is not to say there is anything that is wrong with self-publishing. There isn’t. I think, and I have for a long while, that it is just not for me. I enjoy the absolute freedom that comes with it, but that is a double edge sword. There are so many things I’ve learned about writing since I self-published and I can look at my first book knowing there is an absolute certainty that I would change a great deal about it. That’s not to say that I ever thought it was the perfect book, (I most certainly have not ever thought that) but there are simple changes that I think I would have seen if I had just been more patient and gotten some more experienced eyes to look at my manuscript.
  2. I would like to “make it” in the traditional publishing world. I want the agent, the editor, the publishing house and all the good and bad that might come with that. Again, there is nothing wrong with going the self-publishing route. But with everything I’ve learned about being an author, I know that this is much more in line with what I want out of this career should I ever join the ranks of those numerous authors that I admire.
  3. And most of all, I wasn’t ready. Kyle Demore and the Timekeeper’s Key, as happy as I am with calling it my own, is rushed work. I think I might be a tad too prideful to call it amateurish in its entirety, but it is certainly an amateur’s approach to an ambitious project that should never have been rushed. Basically, when it comes down to it, I was caught up in having told people that I wrote a book. This isn’t to blame my family and friends who supported me, but I think I was enchanted by the idea of really showing them what I’d done. They kept asking me and I wanted to deliver. This was completely an amateurish mistake and I fully own it. Sigh. If only we could we turn back the wheel of time, ey?

Still, with all this said, this doesn’t mean I’m completely abandoning Kyle Demore. In fact, it has become the framework for the much larger story I am building and someday I hope to revisit it in some capacity. But not now.

So, what does that mean for those of you who’d like to know more about what happens to Kyle Demore. There aren’t exactly many of you out there, but I know there are a few. Part of why this was so hard is because I’ve had some very vocal people in my life who have pestered me (and I mean this in the best way) for the next part of this adventure. All of you were a constant motivation for me and I wish I could deliver to you in full, but some things are just not meant to be. Still, I’d like to give you something for your support which has and does mean a great deal to me. So, here’s what I’m going to do.

Over the next week, I’m going to release the first five chapters of the second book in the Kyle Demore series that I was working on. It is the “official” work I completed for the story. There is more that I handwrote, but I don’t consider anything I’ve handwritten as officially in the story until I’ve typed it out. You’ll have to forgive me for that. It’s just the way I write sometimes. So yeah, I’ll be releasing those five chapters online.  I’ll also provide a PDF link if you’d like to read it that way. I apologize for the obvious grammatical mistakes that it will most certainly have, but hopefully you can forgive me for that since it wasn’t exactly the final draft.

I will also include a small overview of where the story would have eventually gone. This might seem like more of a tease than anything, but I figure that it is at least something for those of you who care. It won’t be true conclusion to anything and everything is subject to change if ever really do get to revisit this world, but I hope that if you’re out there reading, you enjoy it for what it is.

Thank you for everyone who has supported me so far and I hope one day to bring some more adventures to life, so please don’t count me out yet.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me via email (  Thanks!




Dresden Files! Book 9 Review

AHHHHHHAAAAaaaa. I’m so good at this. Sigh, almost 2 months since my last update. Well, you know. Things and busy and yada yada, same old, same old. Good news, though. Second book is moving along better than ever. I think having it out this year is definitely a thing that is happening. Probably, maybe.

Anyways. Small review!

White Night by Jim Butcher  4.5 out of 5 Stars


This one will be a really small one.

Basically, White Night gives us all the things that make the Dresden Files worth reading. A killer on the loose and it looks like it might be Harry Dresden’s half-brother, Thomas. Tommy, my boy, how could you?!!! Dresden obviously doesn’t really think Thomas is behind it, so we get to ride along as he tries to figure out what the hell is going on.

All along the way is danger, interesting characters, and internal struggles.

It, like always, is a fun ride.

So I definitely enjoy this one, but I’ll admit that this book doesn’t exactly do anything new. It does, however, continue expanding on the things that we love and it’s entertaining. And that is definitely good enough for me.

So if you’re into the last 8 installments, I’m pretty sure you’ll be liking this one.

Dresden Files! Book 8 Review

See I can do better. Sort of.

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher 4.5 out of 5 Stars


I’ll start off with saying the same thing I mentioned on Goodreads. “I think this is the finest installment in the series so far.” That’s a Sam Vega original quote. Enlightening stuff, you’re welcome… FUNNY JOKE!

Sigh. Anyways. I stand by that.

Dresden is Warden now! Which is cool for a number or reasons, but I think it most cooliest because it sets up the inner struggle of figuring out what is right and what is wrong in a concrete easy to digest way. As we should all know by this point, (because we’ve read all the books, right?) Dresden doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with the Wardens. And his own moral compass has is good, but it has some grey spots. (Don’t we all.)

But never has struggle been more evident than in this book. I think, in general, that is the mark of good storytelling period. Butcher, I think, does a particularly good job with it here because he makes it so relevant to Dresden’s own inner struggle along with the actual outer struggle of the mess he’s dealing with in this adventure. I’m getting a little deep, but you can forget about all of that and still have a good time with this story.

Remember last time when I said the story doesn’t take itself too seriously. This one definitely starts off with that kind of vibe before taking a dive into the usual Dresden mystery to figure out who done it! But we also get a big does of Molly Carpenter, this book, which in many ways is played out to be this typical rebelling teenager. Don’t worry, she’s supposed to be.

The story then takes a cool turn into awesomeville, because Butcher then feeds us more bits about the Fae world and their place in the war against the vampires and their own war going on and man, it’s just a lot of cool stuff. I dig it and I really think anyone who appreciates ever expanding worlds of magic is really going to dig it too. So yeah, I think you gonna like this one. It’s a fun ride.

So yeah, that’s that. Sorry if my reviews aren’t too helpful, but ya know, that’s that. Give it a read, yo.

GAWDDAMMN…I’m still alive, I promise

Geeeeeeez, this blog has been super dead since about June. That’s my bad. My only defense is that I’ve been incredibly busy with work. Plus I’m writing….. And I’m trying to spread my talents into other areas, too.

So all of that means little time for blogging. As I often like to say, I mean to change this. And I will. Someday. Probably soon. I want to finish my little Harry Dresden Review ‘series.’ Then I’ll probably move on to doing a Wheel of Time mini review thing.

Pretty decent Epic Fantasy series if you’re into that kind of thing. Definitely a unique read, as well as an important one. (For me at least, since I want to be an author of the same strain as the talented Late Robert Jordan and the phenomenal Brandon Sanderson) I’m almost done with it. It’s a monster of a series. So lots of reading, which is good, because I like lots of reading.

Anyways, yeah. I will get better at blogging. I swear it on the old gods and the new. (Hah hah, a Game of Thrones reference! Get it?)

Till next time. Which is bound to be soon. Like in a week. Or two? Maybe sooner.. maybe later…….


Review on Death Masks!!!!!!!!!!!

Death Masks by Jim Butcher 4 out of 5 Stars


So this one almost made the climb to 4.5. Almost. It’s good. One of my favorites really, because it had a lot of story going on.

BUT I won’t be getting into much of that story because… go read it, that’s why.

Harry Dresden! What kind of mess is he getting into this time? Well turns out there’s lots of messy things he’s a part of in this book. Duel with a vampire anyone? Psh, yeah and it’s only because he’s trying end this whole war thing going on. Susan is back. She’s got shit to do and she’s half-vampire and cooler than ever. Oh and holy friggin’ knights anyone? What. What. What. Then Nicodemus! Who is he? What is he? And does he like coffee with his murder?

Yeah, seriously, kind of cool stuff there. It gets a bit crazy and I think that’s why I bring it down to a 4. Still, there is more of that sweet, sweet, world building and character building. Included free of charge. (Not really. I had to buy the book, but it’s worth it. James Marsters is a master of narration, so audio book purchase is a must!)

Oh and Ivy. She’s just a seven year old girl and known as the Archive, a living, breathing bank of all the world’s knowledge. Plus all that power she’s got which is awesome. She might be one of my favorite parts of the whole Dresden Universe. She’s such a cool idea and a great character. Seriously, how can you not like Ivy? The correct is answer is you have to like her. You. Have. To.

Anyways. This is probably the book that really started solidifying the series for me. So if you like that kind of thing, read this one. And enjoy it. I did.

Hot Gaseous Mass That Radiates Energy Armed Conflicts: The Magical Pressure of the Universe Arouses

See what I did with my title? Did you see? I’m so foooocking witty, ain’t I?

Well [Insert Title Above] is more commonly known as Star Wars…they very recently released a trailer.

ashlkajsd sdf;ag skgiwpcngl……looks cool.

Truth be told, I don’t usually get too excited about movies, but damn… I guess… I’m a little excited.

Now, wait till December we must. Hmm……

Review for The Name of the Wind

Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss  4 out of 5 stars


There’s been a lack of blogging by me, but I’ve been a bit busy lately. Started a new job… Quit an old one…. Life.

But enough of that. This is my review for The Name of the Wind 😀


For me, I believe this is more of a 3.5. It was good enough that I enjoyed it, but, in all honesty, I am surprised by the amount of love this book has received. That being said, it is good. I liked it. I finished it rather quickly. (Quick for me at least) There’s plenty to like about the massive world that was built between the pages. There’s some good characters that I liked and hope to see more of later on. There is magic, there is science, there is music, and it somehow mixes together into an interesting cocktail of awesomeness.

That all being said, there are things that weigh this book down heavily. To be honest, my 3.5 stars is a kindness because I liked it enough for me to want to read the next book. It is not how this review will come across, though. Since there are many already who sing praises for this book, (look around the reviews you’ll find ’em) I want to point out the things I deeply hated about this book. I’ll limit myself to three.

1. First and foremost. First and Foremost. First and foremost. I say it three times because honestly, I almost didn’t finish this book for this reason. So take however you think I might feel about this reason and times it by three. Only then will you accurately feel it my pain…

That reason is Denna.

Denna is the… love interest. She is beautiful. She is mysterious. She is witty. She is the complete package. The girl next door. Everyone (in the story) loves Denna. Everyone.

Not me.

She’s a bane, a huge wart, and her place in this book for more than the first five minutes was forced. Forced in the stupidest way and honestly, I would have given this book a 4.5 stars easily if Denna had been omitted from the story completely. She’s that bad. And the thing is, she didn’t have to be. She could have been awesome. Her character even brought up some good points about it being harder to be a woman in this man-controlled world, but so what. It wasn’t good enough. Denna was everywhere in terms of character and she was so forced into the story that it felt like every time she was there I was being forced to decide whether or not I should pull the plug on this book. Obviously, I didn’t. But there were times I was close. Oh so very close…

2. NOT ENOUGH AURI. She’s awesome. My favorite character. My favorite writing in the book was with Auri and yet, she is hardly involved. Only mildly. She was like a single chocolate chip in a ‘chocolate chip’ cookie. Chocolate chip cookies can’t be entirely made chocolate, but they need more than one chip to be true to their name. She needed to be in the story more. She should have been like the best friend or perhaps even the love interest. She’s so fuckin’ awesome. I can’t handle it. NEED MORE.

3. This book, this entire book, was told by our main character, Kvothe. From his bar, where he’s been hiding for… something. He is telling this story to THE guy that you tell stories to in this world. It’s kind of this guys thing. People tell him stories, he writes the stories. BAM BOOM WOW. Awesome…

Only.. nope. It’s not awesome. It’s silly. Who the hell can just tell their entire story in supremely fine detail, while tending to your bloody bar. Uh. No one. Even if you had photographic, perfect memory, I think you’d be hard pressed to tell this bloody story in such a way. Honestly, it was ridiculous and I cannot believe that telling the story in this style was ever given the green light. I mean this whole story isn’t really a whole story. It is the beginning of one. So yeah, if that gives you an idea of how detailed this book is…

Just my humble opinion, I suppose, but it should have been told differently. Same story, differently style. I’m thinking third-person. Limited to just Kvothe. Can still jump back from past to future…

I think it could have been brilliant. Well more brilliant. I still liked the book.

Anyways. That’s my three big things that I had problems with. There are a few others. Not enough magic, super-respected, old men in charge of everything acting like babies, and also…

“I’m Kvothe. Everything is super, super hard, but I learned it all in two minutes. Two whole minutes. Should have only taken me one, but I was busy playing my seven string lute while it only haz six strings and I’m extremely poor. Like super poor. Feel me?”

This problem with Kvothe, while not fatal, was annoying after the tenth or twentieth time. I get it. You’re brilliant, buddy and poor…

Good read. Not great. Not as great as it could have been in my opinion. I feel like I’m giving it a pretty kind rating when it’s all said and done, but I did like it so any less and I feel like I would be lying or being needlessly mean.

Bloody Hell – Already July

Seriously. Time. Not enough of it to do everything I’d like. Hmm… Do Forgive for the lack of content. I can’t believe it’s July. Friggin July… Sigh…

Anyways. Working on Book 2 of Kyle Demore. It’s lots of thinking and then writing and then scribbling it all out and telling myself it’s garbage. Then going back to it and saying, “Hey. I guess it’s not that bad…”

Haha. I love it. That I do.